IMA 地球時代のベンチマーク経営を目指すユニークで実践的な経営者団体
・Established : May 1993
・Number of Members : Aprrox.140
・Honorary Adviser: Yoji Hamawaki Ex. Chairman of BMW Japan
・Representative Director Chairman: Keizo Tannawa Managing Director, Towers Watson KK.
・Director Vice Chairman: Masanori Tsuno CEO, GPM Partners, Ltd., Ex. Chairman of Russel Investment Group Japan Co., Ltd.
・Director Vice Chairman: Mitsuo Someya President, Kikkoman Corp.
・Director Vice Chairman: Hitomi Haga President, Strategic communication RI Inc. Ex. Executive Director, Manpower Japan Co., Ltd.
・Chair Monthly Meeting: Keizo Tannawa Managing Director, Towers Watson KK.
・Chair Global Management and Human Resource Seminar: Hitomi Haga President, Strategic communication RI Inc.
・Chair Emerging Market Seminar: Takeshi Komatsu President, Satisfactory International Co., Ltd.
・Chair Next New Business Seminar: Ryosei Wakabayashi Executive Vice President, beBit, Inc.
・Chair IMA Future Cafe : Koshiro Kitazato Chairman, Synergy, Inc. Ex. Chairman, BT Japan
・Chair Members Association Committee: Shin-ichi Nozawa Director, Secretary General, IMA
・Contribute towards Open Market by sharing a Principle and Value of Free and Borderless Business Activities
・Assist Members to achieve a success in Global Market, by exchanging various inputs, information and real facts in the world market
・Provide Ground and Occasion where Members freely discuss the facts and get countermeasures so that they can find New Business Opportunities as well as strengthen their Management Power
・Contribute towards Environment which encourage Executive Mobility, strengthen its Competitiveness and activate Business Society
・Support Members to maintain Highly Minded Citizenship to fulfill a Responsibility and Duty for their Society and Environment
・Monthly Meeting and Symposium
─ Invite Reputable Speakers and/or Panelists to provide Members an occasion and opportunity where active discussion and insight can be conducted on the time trend topics
─ Global Management and Human Resource Seminar
Discuss/Argue for various alternatives as for Management and Right Human Capital Strategy which could replace current Japanese and Global Standard
─ Chair Emerging Market Seminar
Research and visit Emerging Markets, especially Asia
─ Next New Business Seminar
Discuss new business and enterprise strategies between young entrepreneurs and IMA members looking for useful/mutual stimulation
─ IMA Future Cafe
IMA’s private small school for training young global business leaders
─ Members Association Committee
Introduce IMA activities and promote inter-communication of members
・Constant and Sustaining Human Capital Development
─ A Project to create a Program and Ground for Human Capital Development which can be different from outside Programs
・Field Trip
─ Visit Company and/or Location in Japan and/or Foreign Countries to see their operation physically and discuss their way of doing for the success at the site
・Collaboration with other Organizations, Institutes and Associations
─ Proceed various Collaborations to share common interests and to materialize IMA objectives
・Social Gathering
─ Golf
─ Party
Regardless Nationality, Race and Industry, Those people who
・have sufficient experiences as an Executive in Global Companies
・have daily work with the people under Cross Culture Environment
・have an experience to start up New Business and/or Venture
・have significant achievement for Company Re-Engineering
・lead Overseas Business and Operation
・hire, promote and/or develop Capable Executives and succeed in establishing good Company Structure
・promote, educate and execute new Business Model to draw the success
・conduct M&A and MBO successfully
member's value
・Create Linkage among People and Companies to solve issues and problems, by knowing various ideas and people in various Industries
・Have a Free and Open discussion among Members, regardless its background, education, class and capacity
・Create Business Opportunities
・Study Actual Business Cases in Global Companies and obtain an Indication for their answer in Management
・Help creating their own Human Capital Strategy and Development
・Enjoy other Community than the one in Company
・Help developing Value, Philosophy and Know/How through various discussions with other Members
・Learn Responsibility and Duty as for Good Citizenship under Global Environment
Shin-ichi NOZAWA
Director, Secretary General
International Management Association(IMA)
6F Taisei Kigyo Building, 3-14-19
Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0023, JAPAN
Tel 050-3351-7738 Fax 050-3737-6664